Nick Shoulders

Charlie Parr

Willie Watson

Possessed By Paul James

The Lowest Pair

The Lowest Pair on their albums have provided a storm force breath of fresh air that has an almost overwhelming quality and originality with nothing done to bring them in line with any contemporaries, very few though they are. – Americana Roots UK

The Lonesome Heroes

Melding the two-step shuffle of Austin, Texas with bandleader Rich Russell’s fondness for Gram Parsons, The Lonesome Heroes call their blend of indie rock and country “cosmic American music. – Wyoming Public Radio

Laura Goldhammer

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a girl named Laura Goldhamer, then you have also had the pleasure of walking into the sun. Goldhamer is bright. She’s eccentric. She’s motivated and focused. And at the end of the night, she probably puts on one of the most intriguing and jaw-dropping shows in town. – Jonathan Bitz, Denver Syntax

A.J. Fullerton

Raised as an only child in the mountains of rural Western Colorado, A.J. was brought up surrounded by numerous styles of music ranging from; Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Roots, & Blues. His biggest musical influences ended up being found in his parents’ collection of Classic Rock & Blues records. Playing solo, and in local bands throughout his mid-teens, by age 19 he was playing full-time supporting his rapidly developing solo career. His style of playing falls somewhere between the finger picking & slide of Country Roots music, and the groove based uptempo sensibilities of Blues and Rock & Roll.


“Masterful at containing the true dynamic nature of emotions. At once, sad and joyful, yearning and fulfilled. Which element stands out strongest depends on your mood. This is beautiful, masterfully crafted, skillfully performed music..” HEY REVERB


Raised by wolves, taught by squirrels, friend of the owl.

Pappy LongLegs

Pappy LongLegs is a blues, folk, and americana songster devoted the sharing of story and song. He has traveled the country stomping his feet and insighting rooms, bars, and theaters wherever he goes. His humor and theatrics are coupled with numbers from gritty to sweet, to sing and clap along too. – AFTA Conference 2018

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